Flexible Stand-Up Bottle with a Spout

BB-1 Filler

Self Standing Machine

Included Stations:• Manual Bag Loading• Bag Erecting• Bag Filling(standard gear pump filler withpositive shut-of nozzle)• Cap Torque Mechanism• Automatic Filled andCapped Bag Removal• Take Away Conveyor

Speed: 10 to 16 BagsPer Minute(depending on product)

Utilities: 110/220 VAC andCompressed Air at 60 PSI

Available Options:• Code Printer• Automatic Cap Sorterand Placer• Various Liquid Fillers(piston, peristaltic, gravity, hot fill etc.)

Package Liquid & Powder in a Stand-Up Bag with a Spout!Free-Standing Pourable Reusable Fold Flat

BB-1 Filler

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